Truly Authentic Greek Yogurt

Delta was founded in Greece, by Greeks and for Greeks. Our story is one of tradition and innovation. We are committed to delivering the highest quality yogurt to our family and yours.


Not all Greek Yogurts are created equal. You can truly taste the Delta difference.

Healthy and Nutritious

Delta Greek Yogurt is full of everything you want and nothing you don’t.


Delta Greek Yogurt is the perfect ingredient substitute to add the power of protein and reduce fat and calories.

Taste the Delta Difference!

Our cultures originate on the island of Crete giving Delta Yogurt a creamy, smooth, mild and fresh flavor that is unmatched.

The definition of authentic

Our Claim of Authenticity is Not a Marketing Ploy

Delta is a leading Greek dairy company that has been nourishing Greek families for nearly 70 years. In making our yogurt, Delta employs methods that are rooted in the ways Greeks have made yogurt for thousands of years.

Living Your Healthiest, Happiest Life

Delta Yogurt is the choice for those looking to live the modern Greek lifestyle – respectful of tradition but an eye towards the future. We take our commitment to health and wellness seriously and our products are full of everything you want – flavor, protein – and nothing you don’t – fillers, additives, chemicals.

Disruption that makes a difference

At Delta, Tradition Goes Hand in Hand with Innovation

Our founder’s forefathers were shepherds. As early innovators, the family would bring milk in from the provinces and sell it door to door – long before home delivery was standard. This spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation is alive and well within Delta and is a hallmark of how we work.

Delta has Long Been an Industry Disruptor

We believe thoughtful innovation leads to the production of authentically Greek dairy products that serve the health and wellness of our customers. Delta has long been a disruptor and the architect of many industry firsts:

  • The first in Greece to sell pasteurized milk
  • The first to put milk into plastic bottles
  • The first to sell fresh juice in a paper container

… just to name a few.

We will continue to push boundaries, but never compromise our commitment to quality.


Rooted in honesty and integrity

Our Commitment to Quality

We take seriously the promise of the Delta brand. That means bringing the benefits of the Mediterranean diet to your table. Delta uses all natural ingredients, uses no fillers and is free of artificial growth hormones*, preservatives, gluten and GMOs.

Delta is rich in protein (our 0% plain provides 30% of an adult’s recommended daily value!) and is a key tool in achieving a balanced diet and meeting daily nutritional guidelines for protein intake (50g per day for adults, 56G per day for the average male and 46G per day for the average female).

We Have a Reverence for Our Consumer, Our Product and Our Process

We consistently deliver a superior product with the confidence that we are giving you nothing short of what we would give our own family.

Use delta yogurt in delicious and healthy ways

Delta Yogurt is a Key Ingredient in Achieving and Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Easily integrated into a daily diet, Delta Yogurt is used at breakfast, as a snack in between meals, as a side dish in meals and as dessert. The delicate flavor of Delta Greek Yogurt is anything but plain. So thick and creamy, you won’t believe it is fat-free. Enjoy alone or with your favorite toppings.

And, Delta Greek Yogurt is the ideal dairy product substitution in your cooking, adding the power of protein and reducing fat and calories.

Plain, or as a substitute in your favorite recipe, Delta Greek Yogurt is simply delicious and healthy.