Delta Products are Woven Into the Fabric of Greek Life and Culture.

Delta is the choice for those looking to live the modern Greek lifestyle –
respectful of tradition, but with an eye towards the future
and is committed to living the healthiest and happiest life possible.

Delta = Greek

Greek Families Rely on Delta

For over sixty-eight years, Greek families have relied on Delta for the highest quality yogurt and milk products.

In making its yogurt, Delta employs methods that are rooted in the ways that Greeks have been making yogurt for thousands of years. Our yogurt cultures originate from the island of Crete and give Delta’s yogurt its uniquely creamy texture and mild fresh flavor.

Delta is the gold standard for Greek and now American families seeking delicious, healthy and fresh dairy products.

Honesty, integrity and ingenuity

When it comes to delivering the best yogurt, Delta makes no compromises.  We are committed to improving the lives of our consumers through better nutrition. In keeping with Greek tradition, we have a reverence for our food and a passion for quality.

In bringing Delta to the United States, our vision is clear – to give American consumers the taste, flavor, nutrition and experience of a true Greek yogurt.

Our Roots

Rooted in Ancient Greece

According to mythology, Aristaeus, God of Agriculture, taught the Greeks the art of oil-pressing, bee keeping and how to make cheese and yogurt.

Aristotle describes a process to curdle milk that is very close to how yogurt has been made in Greek homes for thousands of years.  Athenaeus’ “Deipnosophistae” (The Banquet of the Learned Philosophers) describes a similar process.

Ancient Greeks showcased their emphasis on physique, health and wellness by creating the Olympics. Today, Delta continues the ancient tradition of nurturing mind, body and spirit through our delicious and healthy yogurt.


During WWII, more Greeks perish from starvation than from fighting. As a result, a movement for making food by Greeks, for Greeks and in Greece arises.


Delta SA is founded in Athens, Greece by Aristides Daskalopoulos. This small family business employed 20 people and delivered fresh milk and yogurt directly to its customer’s door. To this day, Delta is still headquartered in Greece and is made by Greeks.


Delta moves production to Tavros, Greece, where it still resides. The investments in milk pasteurization and bottling machinery are some of the largest investments made in Greece at the time.


Partnering with the Agricultural University of Athens, Delta begins an effort to understand the dairy cultures used in authentic Greek artisanal products. They visited small farms and families across Greece and sampled homemade yogurt. Their discoveries led them to the unique yogurt cultures in Crete, which delivers a milder taste.


The GAIA project with the Agricultural University of Athens bridges academic knowledge with agricultural practices to benefit modern day Greek farmers. Delta works with Greek farmers to improve nutrition for their animals and farm in a sustainable manner.


Delta begins exporting Delta Greek Yogurt to Europe, South Korea, Japan and China. When introduced to South Korea, the product flew off the shelves in 20 minutes.


Delta brings their delicious and healthy Delta Yogurt to the United States of America.


Not All Greek Yogurts Are Created Equal

We are committed to giving American families the same product we produce in Greece. You can truly taste the Delta difference. 

We brought our research, development and scientific teams from Greece to the United States to oversee our production facilities and ensure consistency, authenticity and quality of the manufacturing process. The result – a creamy, mild, fresh and authentically-Greek yogurt.