Lalene’s Lemon Dream With Delta Greek Yogurt

We first enjoyed this delicious dessert in Paros, made by our dear friend Lalene. We might not be able to go to Paros this summer, but we can travel there with the fresh taste of Delta Greek Yogurt. Best of all, you need only 3 ingredients!

Lalene’s Lemon Dream
1 32oz Delta Greek Yogurt plain 0% or 5%
2 large lemons
1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk

Zest both lemons, set aside zest. Then squeeze juice from both lemons and combine in a bowl with yogurt, sweetened condensed milk and zest. Mix well with a rubber spatula and then chill 1 hour before serving. Can be served in a medium serving bowl or if you are feeling fancy, spooned into individual glasses. This dessert is so versatile, you can even put it into popsicle molds and enjoy it as a frozen treat! It’s creamy, dreamy and refreshing!