Savory Baked Beef Chimichangas by Savvy Saving Couple

Our friends at Savvy Saving Couple have creating this fantastically easy greek yogurt recipe (using Delta Greek Yogurt of course) for Baked Beef Chimichangas – oven baked, no mess!

“A few reasons why I loved this meal is that you can make these crispy in the oven without deep-frying them. It saves a few calories, and a lot of grease spatter, and still produces a yummy, toasty outside, and a cheesy, meaty, inside.”

This recipe comes with Cilantro lime sour cream to add an extra kick of yum!

“No Mexican main dish is complete without a side of sour cream. However, when I discovered how delicious Greek yogurt was as a sour cream substitute years ago, I made the switch. Delta® Greek Yogurt in the nonfat, plain variety is my latest favorite!”

So happy to have yet another amazing greek yogurt recipe to turn to!

Courtesy of @savvysavingcouple