Tamara “Likes” Delta Greek Yogurt

Tamara Like Camera is a big fan for Delta’s Vanilla Greek Strained Yogurt and created this amazing Greek Yogurt Parfait.

“With being pregnant, and being at home, it’s more important than ever to be more intentional about finding balance in my everyday life. And Greek yogurt is a favorite around here. We use it in so many sweet and savory ways. Sometimes my perfect breakfast is just some scrambled eggs and plain Delta® Greek Yogurt with honey drizzled on top for sweetness. And the vanilla flavor doesn’t need any honey at all! “

“Can we say YUM?? Yum. This recipe is SO pleasing to the eyes and to the tastebuds. In fact, I may have had it with my dinner last night. There is no “may” – I totally had it with my dinner. No regrets at all. The secret ingredient is Delta® Greek Yogurt! We love Delta for many reasons, one being that it’s real Greek yogurt made by a Greek company”

What fruits would you put in YOUR Yogurt Rainbow Parfait?

Courtesy of @tamaracamera